Monday, January 28, 2008


Well this morning we woke up to another 18 inches of NEW snow on top of the 2 feet that we already had and it is STILL snowing. We are estimating that there is a total of almost 3 and half feet in our backyard. As much as I like snow....I think that I am really ready for a break.

This is a picture of our front porch. It is half way up the railing. We are expected to get at least another 4 inches tonight, a break tomorrow, snow on Wednesday, break Thursday and snow on Friday and Saturday!!! The kids didn't have school today due to road conditions and low visability. I was supposed to stay home from work but since Joel couldn't get up the drive to the church, I went to work and he stayed home. Praise the Lord for safe travel as the roads were really snow packed and icy this morning.

This is Beauty attempting to get through the snow to go "potty"! She is not so anxious to go outside now that the snow is so deep.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

January Update!

Well, January is fast coming to an end and I am amazed! It has truly flown by for us. We started the New Year with Joel being sick, I led the youth New Year's Eve Lock in and the kids got to play in the snow!

Joel is now better and is full-swing into a new year of youth activities. This weekend has been kind of "blah" since Tyler has had the flu and so we have taken turns staying home with him. However - yesterday I did get to go to a Baby Shower and Birthday party so that was loads of fun. Hannah went to a friend's house to play yesterday and Malachi went to a friend's house today to play - so they enjoyed that as well.

The New Arrington Blog

I have decided to start a "Blog Spot" since many of you do not have access to My Space or Facebook where I have posted many pictures, thoughts, and updates. I will still TRY to keep them all updated but you know that can be hard at times. Anyway - that is the purpose of this blog! Love you all