Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Pics

Okay - so I know I am like a week late on getting these on here! LOL - it has been a crazy week. The kids just finished spring break and so we are gearing up for school again this morning and of course work for Joel and I - although we both worked last week as well.

We had a wonderful Easter service last week and then enjoyed time out at my parents house hunting eggs!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Another little snow...

Well, just when you think it is all done...there is more. This morning we had another little bit of snow. Now, I was dismayed but as you can see in the video, Tyler and Kestra were excited! All the snow is now gone but it was slick enough this morning that I went sliding around on the way to work... Love you all.

Mercy Recognition Party 2008

Alison (my co-worker) and Cathy (my boss). They had almost identical dresses and didn't plan it!!

I must say that Saturday night was a first for me. The Human Resource Department at the hospital (where I work) is in charge of hosting a recognition party every March for employees that have worked 10 or more years. This year, they decided to "shake it up" a bit from the traditional sit down dinner. We had a Cocktail Party.... I must say that I haven't been to a cocktail party before but it was fun (no I didn't partake in the alcohol). I did however, have a BLAST dancing!!! I can't remember having that much fun since college. Unfortunately Joel wasn't able to go with me :( but hopefully he can come next year. Here are a few pictures from the evening. I took A TON but these are mainly the people that I work with or have gotten to know fairly well.

Alison and Charlett (co-workers)

Jaimee another girl in our office (we are all women)

Pati is also in my office - I work a lot with her on recruiting!

Me!! Not a great picture but oh well!

Kirk the CEO of the hospital.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Video of Hannah before final race and winning!!

More Grand Prix Pictures

Tyler was so excited after he won his second time!

It was exciting to see all the kids watching the race.

Joel was really proud of all four of the kids.

Awana Pinewood Derby Grand Prix!!!

Tonight was the annual Awana Grand Prix. Each of the kids had to make a car (with some help of course) and then take it to the races!!! The kids all worked hard on their cars and we were anxious to see what the turn out would be. Hannah's car is the green one with a blue stripe, Malachi's is the black and gray checkered one with a bolt on top, Kestra's is the blue one with a flower and orange hat on it and Tyler's is the red Lightning McQueen looking one. Kestra and Tyler were in the same division and Malachi and Hannah were in the same division. Kestra one 3rd in her division and Hannah one 1st in hers which included adults!!! It was quite the evening - all the kids had wheels come off throughout the night but they did awesome none the less. Dad is already talking about "what we need to do next year!" Oh my!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Enjoying warmer weather

The weather is beautiful and the kids are taking advantage of it!!!

Scapbooking Colorado Style!!!

Last weekend I got to go with a friend to a scrapbooking retreat. It was awesome! I got 63 pages done - amazing what you can do uninterrupted!!! Anyway - it was just great to hang out with 30 other women that love to crop and have fun too. However - as you can see from the picture - there is still a lot of snow in the higher places (where we had the retreat). The view was one big sheet of solid snow!!!!

Focus on Hannah

Hannah has worked really hard this year to maintain excellent grades and good behavior. As a reward for good behavior at school the kids got to go Cross Country Skiing. Hannah did great and enjoyed it. The other picture is of her reading project she did. She had to re-create a scene from her book - she worked hard and did this all herself. We were really proud of her.


Well I have tried three times today to get the pictures uploaded and there is some error. Sorry - I will keep trying...

Youth Group Activities

Hey - wanted to share with you some pictures from February of our youth events. The youth hosted a Valentine's Banquet with the theme: Partners for Life. It was a ton of fun and the youth did a great job of decorating, serving, cleaning up, etc. The other event was our winter retreat at Hesperus Baptist Camp. We took 7 youth and had a GREAT time. The youth are all great kids and very teachable.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mini Update

I am seriously hoping to update my pictures this week! No we aren't still buried in snow although there is still snow on the ground. Now we are entering into our "mud season" and it looks as though it will be a MESSY one with all the snow melting and all. However - we are thankful that we will not have to worry about drout this summer hopefully.

Things are going pretty well here. Joel is busy getting all the spring and summer youth events scheduled as well as gearing up for his first on-line course that will start March 17. I am busy with work, kids and church as well. I am enjoying getting involved in Women's Ministry since that is something some what new to me. The kids are all doing good - Hannah will compete in her Destination Imagination Competition this weekend. She is both excited and nervous. All the kids are building their Pine Wood Derby cars for the Awana race in a week.

So - that's all for now. I will try to get some pictures up tonight or maybe tomorrow.