Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Buddy Day"

It is a lot of fun to see all the different "theme" days that the school has. This past week they did "Buddy Day" The idea was to dress like your buddy - it could either be a real person or a stuffed animal. Well the girls, being girls, decided to dress like their teddy bears - so adorable! I was truly impressed that they had the doll clothes so similar to their own. Malachi says he dressed like his buddy Frank at school but I didn't see them together to get a picture....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

So I have been tagged...

I was tagged by my friend Debi so here it is!

List 5 classes that you wish were available in high school:
(I would change the title)
List 5 classes that you would be willing to go back and teach yourself

Classes I wish had been available:
1. Human Resources
2. Parenting class
3. Communication with peers
4. Religion/Philosphy
5. ????

Classes I would teach:
1. How to be a Godly wife
2. What NOT to do in college
3. Why to stay away from boys til your like 30!!!
4. Communication skills
5. Scrapbooking

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring has Sprung!!

You know, I enjoy different things about all four of the seasons. In the summer, you can enjoy lazy days, more relaxed schedule (most of the time) and lots of outdoor activity. In the fall, you see the leaves change and experience the harvest and all the brilliant colors. Then in winter, there is the bitter cold that makes snuggling up with a blanket and either a book or a movie so fun, there is sledding and snowmobiles and snowball fights. Finally there is SPRING - where you begin to see the newness of life every where you look. The trees are blooming, baby animals are here and there, the flowers begin to come out and you see more people out walking, runnig, riding bikes etc after the cold winter.

Spring is incredible in the physical world we live in but it is even more incredible in our spiritual walk with Christ! There are seasons in our lives that are just like the seasons of Earth. There are times when we may experience a cold, dark, long "winter" but BEHOLD Spring is coming and the Lord can release us from that season and bring us into a new and bountiful season.

I feel like perhaps both personally and in the life of our church I am coming out of that winter season into a glorious SPRING!! The past 6 months have been filled with some challenges and obstacles that I have allowed my self to get "bogged" down in. There was simply moving to a new community and settling into life here, then a month later the passing of my Grandfather, followed by a tragic death in the life of our church in Dec. We allowed ourselves to be "shaken" by all that and thus trapped in a cold season spiritually.

However, the past week or so the Lord has revealed to me that HE IS RISEN!!! What I mean by this is not just the resurrection which is also incredible but the time of darkness is past and He is bringing new light and new life to not only our church but to me individually. I am so excited to feel and know that the Lord is restoring joy to me and to our church. This has been brought about through women's ministry, children being baptized, the salvation of my nephew, and numerous other blessings here and there.

Yes there are still those "luming" concerns and issues but God has brought me a peace that HIS SPRING IS HERE. In a world that is growing farther and farther away from him, I can know and trust that He is on His throne and in control. I do not need to fear because I am His and He is mine! Halleujah!

I am praying that each and every person that reads this will experience the Spring that ONLY Jesus can bring to us in a dark world. Do not be decieved or misled by those that seek to lead you away from the true light into the darkness. Allow Jesus to surround you with his newness of life and light.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Soccer Mom

Well - I have officially obtained the title of "Soccer Mom" I guess! Hannah and Kestra are both playing soccer this spring. Although we have had friends and cousins that have played soccer - we never have so this is all sort of new to us. I have to admit my knowledge of soccer is VERY limited but I guess I will be learning more now!! Here are some pictures of the girls first game. They are on two seperate teams.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Growing up my two favorite series of books to read were Nancy Drew and Little House on the Prairie. Hannah's 5th grade class did a living Wax Museum where they dressed up and researched famous people. Hannah was assigned - Laura Ingalls Wilder. It has been a lot of fun to watch her research about Laura's life and also to see her work so hard on her paper and her presentation.

Since I know some of you will ask - no I didn't make her outfit, I got it on E-bay!!! Me - sew? I don't think so. Anyway here is a clip of her giving her presentation - she had to sit in a hallway for an hour and give the presentation anytime someone walked by and pushed her "button". She wasn't sure how many times her button was pushed - but she thinks it was about 20....Personally I think that is awesome to be able to do that so many times.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

April Showers? oh I mean SNOW!!!

Picture of the backyard this morning .......I kid you not it is snow!
Okay - it is a proven fact that God really does have a sense of humor. After ALL the snow we had this winter, we had finally had some pretty spring like days AND THEN....yesterday and last night we got more SNOW!!!! AGGHHHH It was actually really wet and slushy yesterday and we heard of several accidents. However, this morning it has cleared off and left us this nice white blanket of more snow.

Right about now I am REALLY wishing I could go some place warm for a month but oh well!!! Okay so enough of my whining for today. Hope you all have a nice WARM day and think about us in the COLD snow!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend in Albuquerque

This weekend, Hannah's school choir went on a field trip to Albuquerque to see the Broadway musical "Annie". Some of the parents followed the bus down to Albuquerque - which I did. After the musical and dinner, Hannah and I spent the night with my Grandma. It was such a joy to sit and visit with her and to play games LATE last night....

I just have to say that I am so proud of my Grandma. After my Grandad passed away in October we all wondered how she would do - afterall she is 88! However, she has done GREAT. This year she has already flown on two trips alone - one to Texas and one to Georgia. She does get tired and worn out at times but she just goes until she needs to stop. I am not sure howmuch more time we will have with her but I praise the Lord that we have this time with her. She and Hannah had such a great time - I really enjoyed just watching her spend time with Hannah and play games with her. Grandparents are truly one of God's GREATEST creations!!! WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!!

Youth Led Worship Service

Last week, the youth had the opportunity to lead the entire evening service. This included the music, scripture reading, testimony and sermon. It was entirely youth planned and organized! They did a GREAT job!!! I will try to post the video of them later this week but here is a picture of the Praise Band. Hannah played the piano for one song and then sang with them for the others. Joel just played the guitar - one of the youth led the music.