Sunday, May 25, 2008

Baseball Boy!

Well, Malachi has officially started the baseball season. This is his first year to play and most of the boys on his team have been playing for a few years but that hasn't gotten him down one bit! He is in the outfield and when he is paying attention he does great - it's when he gets distracted that we run into problems.
You know - it really reminds me of my walk with the Lord and when sometimes he puts me in the outfield. I do really great when I am paying attention to His Word and spending time with my "coach" but then when I allow the little things in life distract me....well that is when I run into trouble! I guess we can all learn a few lessons from baseball!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Sister!

I have the most wonderful sister in the world! She has been an inspiration to me for my whole life. While we were growing up, she taught me the importance of working hard at all you do and that it is okay to just be yourself. While in college, she was there when friends let me down and through all the "boy issues". Then when we lost our other sister, Sherri, she showed me what it meant to stick together and appreciate the time you have with the ones you love. Her example as a wife and mom has truly been inspirational to me! She has showed me what unconditional love is and has inspired me to work hard to raise my children in the way in which God has called us as moms. I am so blessed to have two wonderful big sisters - Sherri who is waiting at the gates of Heaven and Michelle who inspires me daily here on earth! I love you Michelle!!! Thanks for a wonderful weekend in the "Big D"!

My nephew Daxton!

As I mentioned in the last post while we were in Dallas we got to go see my nephew's piano recital and school awards program. Daxton is so talented in so many ways! He truly amazes me. I am blessed to be his aunt and love to watch him grow up. Here are some pictures of him.

Second Fun Weekend

The second weekend in May (Mother's Day) we surprised Hannah for her birthday and she and I flew to Dallas to spend the weekend with my sister and her kids. Hannah had never flown before and so it was a ton a fun to surprise her and see her on the plane. I managed to not tell her until we were in the airport parking lot! Can you believe that? Those that know me know that I am not known for keeping secrets and this one was HARD to keep! Here are some pictures of our was so much fun!

It is so hard to believe that we have an 11 year old in our house! Crazy!!!! Things that we did on this wonderful trip - shopping, went to a high school musical production of "High School Musical", went to my nephew's piano recital and school awards program, went to the park for a picnic, and went to church. Of course we also hung out at my sister's house and played games and watched movies. I miss her tons!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One very busy month!

I can't believe how busy May has been so far and it isn't even over yet! We have literally just been meeting ourselves coming and going but I must say it has been a lot of fun. So - where do I begin in updating you all? I will just tell you what we have been doing and then post some highlight pictures and videos from each thing I guess.

The first weekend in May, I went with my Mom and some ladies from her churh to Lifeway's Women Reaching Women conference and the Beth Moore Living Proof Seminar. It was AWESOME!!!! I am just now in the process of getting our womens ministry team together at our church and so I need all the help I can get. I went to a seminar on Womens Ministry 101 and let me tell you it was so helpful. Of course Beth was just incredible as well. During our lunch one day at the womens ministry training she came and just did a question and answer time - what a privelage. Here are some up close pictures. This truly was a blessing to me and to all the ladies there.