Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School....

Well you may have noticed I FINALLY got around to updating my blog!!! I decided that in honor of school starting this week, I would change the colors of my blog to Bayfield Wolverine colors!!! BIG step coming from someone who graduated from Pagosa Springs (BIG rival of Bayfield).

Anyway, the kids started school yesterday and it was relatively painless! Hannah is in 6th grade - first year at the Middle School. She is adjusting to rotating classes, locker combinations, harder work, "dressing out" for PE, etc. There have been some "bumps" in the road but overall she is doing great.

Malachi is in 4th grade and looking forward to a fun year. He has several boys from his baseball team in his class so he says that's cool.

Kestra is in 3rd grade and as social as ever! Her biggest challenge every day is "What do I where?" Is she all girl or what? Can't imagine what it will be like when she is a teenager!!!

Tyler is in 1st grade and at the "big" school with Kestra and Malachi. He will spend about half the day in a regular class and half in special education it looks like right now anyway. He is just excited to be there.

Joel is driving a school bus route this year in addition to working at the church full time. He is looking forward to the opportunity to meet more students and also officially be on staff with the school which means he can eat lunch a little easier with students and all.

I am working at the hospital in the Human Resources Office still and most days I enjoy it. Lately we have been SWAMPED with work and I am wishing I had a little slower pace but it is okay overall. I am also heading up our women's ministry team at the church and enjoy that a lot as well. It is a new experience for me and at times overwhelming but the Lord is using it to help me trust in him and remain humble.

Well that is about all for now. I really hope to keep this more updated all though pictures will be scarce for awhile since my camera hasn't worked exactly right since our trip to Mexico. I am praying for a new camera though since blogging and scrapbooking are so important to me!