Sunday, October 26, 2008

So blessed and so thankful

I just wanted to take the time to write about how incredibly blessed we are by our church family and how thankful we are for them. They have been so wonderful to us the past 13 months - can't believe it has been that long!

This month as you may or may not know is Pastor Appreciation month. In a lot of churches we have served in - the pastor is recognized but the support staff isn't so much. This church has literally SPOILED us rotten not only this month but every month since we have been here. They are so supportive and loving towards our family. They let us know all the time how much we are appreciated and are always willing to go out of the way to help us or serve us in anyway they can.

Thank you is not enough for all they have done. We so appreciate the baked goods, flowers, gift cards, money, etc that people have given us this month. However more than that - it is the encouraging words, hugs and overall love they have shown us. They have embraced our family with open arms and truly have let us call First Baptist Bayfield - HOME.....

Thank you church family for all you do! WE LOVE YOU....

Fall Fun!!!

Last night the kids had a Fall Carnival at the school. They really enjoyed dressing up and having fun. The really neat part was that we told them we would ONLY buy things from the thrift store for their costumes. So yesterday morning we loaded up and headed to Durango to the thrift store - they all did a great job finding things. Malachi actually found all his "Indiana Jones" stuff at home... It was fun watching them figure it out.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Tyler has a field trip today and he was so excited to talk about it. So, I videoed him talking about his upcoming day!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Mom....

I love my mom! She is so full of life, energy and joy and she ALWAYS is wanting to serve others. There isn't a week that goes by that she isn't pouring of herself into others. This past weekend I had the privelage to go to her Womens Retreat (she thinks I went for Peg - but I went for her too).

Anyway - it was great to see her interacting with the women in her church and just serving them and being there for them. This video shows the fun-loving nature of my mom and her friends. She is the one in the middle with the washboard - Sue. Gotta love her!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Year in Heaven

One year ago today a very special person in my life went home to be with Jesus. I still remember that night a year ago. I was getting ready for bed, had all the kids in bed, Joel was out of town and the phone rang. It was my mom - she said "Ronnie, Grandad's gone." Oh how my heart broke - you see I had a privelage that I will never forget because just the day before, I had been with my wonderful Grandad. My mom and her sister had taken Grandma to church and I was "in charge" of staying with Grandad. We all knew that his days were limited - didn't really want to admit it but we knew.

That day - the day I was with him- I will hold in my heart forever. You see, although his body was sick and not well at all, his mind was sharp as a tack. I mean, here he was on oxygen, could barely sit up, had to have help with pretty much everything and do you know what he did? That stinker beat me at Rummy one last time! I kid you not - I wasn't giving the old man chance either! I was going to show him that at 32 years old I could FINALLY beat him!!! Nope - my dear Grandad went to Heaven with a smile in his heart knowing that HE was the best Rummy player in the land.....It's okay though - I'm not bitter or mad because well you know - he really is the best.

So today - I sit here and I really want to cry because I miss my Grandad and our times together. I miss the fact that you could just sit with him - neither one of us saying a word and know that you were so loved and that you were with someone special. I miss that he won't get to watch my Tyler and say "Now that one has lots of energy" or "Ronnie you got your hands full with that boy." I miss that I can't go and try once again to beat the best Rummy player around - like that would happen!! Most of all....I miss just sitting next to him and him putting his hand on my lap and saying "Hi sweetie"

However - this I know! One day I will sit with my dear Grandad in Heaven and my oh my what a day that will be! I will be with him, my Grandparents Ashcraft and yes my incredibly wonderful sister Sherri. So - Grandad has been in Heaven for a year now... I can only imagine what that has been like for him. You know two nights before he left - he and I were in his room. Mom and her sisters and Grandma were meeting with the lady from hospice, he knew it was near the end. He was talking about Heaven and he said to me, "I sure miss your sister Sherri, I see her riding her white horse around Heaven." My response to him, "Grandad - I am just so jealous that you will see her before me!" He just smiled and said "I know". So this past year as we went through all the "firsts" without him....first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, first anniversary,etc He was going through his firsts in Heaven....First day to see Jesus face to face, first day to see those who had gone before, first time to worship at the throne of the Father!!!

I love you Grandad and I am coming one day to see you and Jesus. Until that day - I will cherish my moments with you of playing cards, talking about everything, you smiling at my kids, the pictures of you holding my little babies for the first time, the fact that you loved to "sneak" sweets past Grandma (by the way I think she always knew), and yes I will miss going to get ice cream with you. Have another wonderful year in Heaven Grandad!

This is the last time Tyler saw my Grandad and of course it was taken at the "card table"!

Sunday, October 5, 2008 BUSY month

September just absolutely FLEW by for the Arrington Family! One weekend we went to Elitch's, the next was a fundraising banquet for our church building project and then the last weekend was our Women's Retreat! As busy as it was, God is SO good to us and so faithful in providing us with the energy to continue serving him.

Here are some pictures from the Women's Retreat. We had 26 ladies attend (good number for our small church) and it was so awesome. It was a little different for me in that I played a key leadership role but it was a good different....
The theme was "Chocolate Boutique: Tast and See that the Lord is Good." We had LOTS of chocolate!!!
These are two of my really good friends here in Bayfield: Bridget and Dani. Bridget's daughter Audrey joined us for the fun!
Dani and I really had a great time. We both LOVE to play board games so that in itself is a fun bond.

Praise and worship was led by Dani and our pastor's wife Pam. They were simply amazing!