Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fun in the Mountain Sun!

In contrast to the post on Nov. 11 with snow is the weather today the Sunday before Thanksgiving!

Hannah Montana Birthday Party

Kestra had an all out "Rockin" Party yesterday! Here are a few highlights!

So much to be thankful for

I am so blessed and so thankful for many things! This morning's sermon was on being Grateful and it was really inspiring and challenging. Our pastor used many quotes from the notes of Jesse Herrick that were simply amazing! Jesse was a member of our church that was killed in a tragic car accident last December. It has made a tremendous impact on the life of our church and continues to do so - only this was positive! Here are some of the things that were written in Jesse's notes for a lesson he had prepared for the youth:

"If there was one word to describe my spiritual condition, would it be gratefulness?" Jesse Herrick

This one really made me think - am I truly grateful for my life as a Christian and ALL that entails?

"Gratitude towards God - gets our mind on God" Jesse Herrick

Hello! If we are grateful to Him we will in turn focus on Him.

"If we as Christians are not deeply grateful - it shows the condition of our heart" Jesse Herrick

Seriously - we as Christians have more than anyone something to be grateful for - JESUS CHRIST!!!

As I spent the afternoon at the park with my family - the Lord reiterated to me how Grateful I should be for EVERYTHING! I Thes 5:16 "REJOICE ALWAYS"~ therefore I will be thankful and grateful.

I Thes 5:18 "Give thanks in EVERYTHING for this is the will of God" The past few weeks I have really been searching for the will of God in my life and yet I have neglected this truth! His will is for me to be Thankful for where I am right now ~ to be thankful for the place in life He has me....

This afternoon I am grateful for every aspect of my life - the good things that show I am loved and cared for and the trials that teach me to be totally dependant on the Lord in all I do!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Winter is teasing us!

Well - it is official winter is coming!! Yesterday we had our first "snow" and it was beautiful. Today it is almost all gone but I know that it will be back. Question is - will we be ready? I sure home so!

Today was a bitter sweet day as we said farewell to our dear friend and deacon Bob Bixler. You know, in ministry you meet lots of people and work with lots of church leadership. However it is really rare that you find someone as close to perfect as Bob Bixler. Every time I saw him, beginning with when we came to interview, he was smiling and encouraging. Bob was the type of man that you just automatically liked! He had a great sense of humor and he enjoyed serving people.

Today at his memorial service, I was reflecting on how do I want to be remembered? Do I want to be remembered as always so caught up in my own life that I forget the needs of others or do I want to be remembered as one who was always looking to serve others? Do I want to be remembered as serious and carrying the weight of the world or do I want to be remembered as laughing and enjoying life?

The Bible says - "I have come to give you life more abundantly" John 10:10 Christ came to set us free from the bondage of sin and this world. As Christians we need to live that abundant life to it's fullest! No things are perfect here on Earth, we may be disheartened or dismayed by politics, yet "I know in whom I have believed and am persuaded that HE is able." 2 Timothy 1:12

Bob's life is a reminder to me that I am to LIVE in Christ and HE in me! Praise the Lord - Hallelujiah! My challenge to you: How do YOU want to be remembered?

Monday, November 3, 2008

14 Years Riding the Streets of Heaven

I can't believe that it has been 14 years today since my beautiful, wonderful, sister Sherri left this earth to join Jesus in Heaven. She has been riding (not walking) the streets of Heaven on her white horse for 14 years and it still seems like just yesterday that we got the news she had died.

Sherri was a wonderful person. As an EMT, she cared for so many people when they were at their worst. She would have to set aside all her emotions and care for people that were seriously hurt or maybe even about to die. I loved the fact that she enjoyed being an EMT - it showed me the side of her that cared for others.

Sherri also loved the outdoors. It didn't matter if it was hunting, haying, working in a barn, whatever - she loved to be outside. I remember so well that she always wanted me to come with her to "do" whatever she was doing outside. She helped me with my 4-H animals when really she should have made me do it myself! However - even if she was a little "gruff" about it - she would help me out.

Sherri and I used to fight alot and you know - now I really don't remember what all we fought over (I am sure my parents do!) but I do know that she loved me and I loved her. She was really a unique person. So many times we care too much about what others think (myself included) but Sherri was content to just be herself. Didn't really matter to her that she may not be like everyone else. She had few people that she truly loved and cared about but those few people were never more loved by anyone! Whatever she did, even loving, she did with all she had.
Sherri only met my husband Joel once. However in an odd sort of way, I think she knew that he was the one before I knew! I remember one Sunday afternoon I was in my dorm doing homework and Sherri called me (big deal because she hated the phone). We were chatting and she said "Where's that boy?" (referring to Joel) I replied "I don't know he is in his room I guess" her reply was "Well he should be there taking care of you." If only Sherri knew how much Joel would have to and continues to take care of me on the days I cry for her. You see, through Sherri's death - is how I knew that Joel was the one. Everyone told him not to come with me to the funeral, it was a "family" deal and he didn't need to be there. Yet - Joel dropped everything he was doing and not only came to Colorado for the funeral - he drove me to it. 8 hours he drove the car and I think I cried most of that time. He never said much - just was there for me. So you know Sherri, "that boy" is still taking care of me.

I may not cry as much anymore (although I still do at times) but everyday there is some reminder to me of my wonderful sister Sherri and how much I miss her. My last and fondest memory of her was one time when I was home from college. She had a newspaper route that she would do at like 3:30 in the morning! She asked me to come along with her - I was like "WHAT" but you know I did. I don't remember saying much (think I was half asleep) but I remember just being with her and loving it.

Sherri never got to know my kids here on Earth but I know she will be waiting for them in Heaven. She loved kids (never would have admitted it) but she really enjoyed them. I look at my children and am so sorry that they didn't know her but then again - I have introduced them to her in all sorts of ways. I try to tell them things she enjoyed, people she knew, and of course show them pictures of her beautiful face.

Sherri - I know you probably can't look on Earth from Heaven but I hope you know that I am looking forward to joining you and Jesus one day. Will you get me a horse too so I can ride with you? Will you give Grandad A, Granny A and Grandad H a hug from me? WE LOVE YOU and MISS YOU. It may be 14 years on a calendar but it is just like yesterday in my heart....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our exciting day!

Well - November is off with a BANG for the Arrington family! We were at church today and Kestra got bit by a dog between Sunday School and church.

I am still not entirely sure on all the details but apparently the dog came to church with one of our youth. He has been there before and is a friendly dog but he got excited or upset or something. Anyway Kestra knelt down in front of him to pet him and he bit her lip! So - off to the ER I went with Kestra. She was really scared and bleeding a lot at first but it turned out she was fine - not even stiches!

It has been a learning experience for us all though. Just so you know ALL dog bites have to be reported when you go to the ER and there is an investigation and all that! We are not upset with the dog or family or anything - just a freak accident but we still have to go through all this reporting and stuff. The dog is quarantined for 10 days, etc. We did find out that he is up to date on his shots so that is good to know.

Well - just goes to show there is never a dull moment in the Arrington home!!!!