Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quick Update on the Arrington Family

Okay - so I have a little more sleep than my last post (5 hours counts right) and thought I would update you all on our family and what is going on:

Joel is LOVING his position at the church. He has been blessed to have an incredible relationship with our pastor as well as the deacons. He is kept busy with not only the youth but keeping up with an ever growing children's ministry as well. He is also the camp director for our Associational Youth Winter Retreat FEb 14-16 and that has really kept him hoppin! In addition to all this - he is continuing to take classes toward his degree, drive a school bus route, and spend time with us! He is very busy but honestly I haven't seen him this excited about ministry in awhile.

Currently, I am still at the hospital in the Human Resources Department. HOWEVER - after much prayer and discussion with Joel we have decided that it is in the best interest for our family and ministry for me to give my resignation. I will be giving my official two weeks notice tomorrow. I will still need to seek part time work but as of yet nothing has opened up. God has really given Joel and I a peace though that the time is NOW for me to leave the hospital. It has been a wonderful job and I have gained a lot of experience but it just hasn't worked for our family life or for ministry life - which of course are the two priorities to us. So - please be in prayer for us as we take this leap of faith and see what God has in store for us. I am also leading a women's Bible Study on Thursday nights called Captivating - so good!

Hannah is halfway through her first year of Jr. High~ YIKES!!! 2 and half years and I will have a kid in High School!!! She has a new dog for her 4-H project named Amber, is taking piano lessons, and babysits for my Bible Study on Thursdays. She is looking forward to playing volleyball and basketball next year as a 7th grader.

Malachi is doing great in school and loves playing with his friends. He is taking shooting sports in 4-H and VERY excited about that. He is just as laid back and sweet as ever.

Kestra is also doing well in school although struggling with her reading some. However she has an incredible Title I teacher who works really hard with her. She is as girly as ever and is excited about taking Cake Decorating in 4-H.

Tyler is ALL boy - he is constantly on the move and energetic. He has had a few rough spots in school but for the most part does well. We are looking at summer programs for him so that he can keep some of the same structure that he currently has. He enjoys spending the night with grandparents (either set is fine) and playing with his cars.

Well that is all for now! Thanks.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The joy of friendship

The most wonderful thing about God is that he blesses us with multiple relationships that we need at varying points in our life. For example - the first relationship we have is that of a child to our parents. This is nurturing and caring relationship. It is through this relationship that we gain our understanding of love and what it means to be loved and to love others.
Then we have a sibling relationship - this relationship is one of both love, envy, competition and other emotions. Yet we ultimately feel that kinship and tie that is like none other.
You have the relationship with a spouse or a significant other. This is one of love and lifetime unity. It is a bond that is so incredible and indescribable.

However the one that is on my mind tonight as I type this (yes I am wide awake at midnight) is friendship and more specifically girlfriends. I remember growing up I had different types of "friends" There were those that were really more like acquaintances (you just called them friends because it sounded good.) I mean really, you knew their name maybe they talked to you now and again but not really a friend. Then you had those that were "surface level" friends - you know the ones you played with at recess or perhaps invited to a birthday party, etc.
Yet there is NOTHING like the bond of a true girlfriend that you can just bare your heart and sole to, you can be your true self with, you can know that no matter what, right or wrong they really only want what is best for you. It isn't a friendship out of obligation or expectation but yet it is a friendship born of selflessness and one that says "I love you just the way you are - the good, the bad and the ugly."

I am happy to say that I have had and still do have some of these true girlfriends. They are the ones that no matter what in my whole life - have stood beside me and said "I love you just the way you are." They have been the ones to come along side and hold me in the hard times and party with me in the good! Tonight - I want to say thank you for being one of my true close friends are all so very special to me, I wish I had pictures of them all but regardless - the point is - I am thankful for these types of friends!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Citizen of the Month

The Bayfield School System does an incredible job of promoting excellent character traits in students. Each month, each class in the Elementary has a Citizen of the Month for the trait that was emphasized that month. In December, the trait was Honesty and Malachi was selected from his class. I am so blessed that the lessons he is learning at home about being a Christian - are carried over into his school performance. We are so proud of him.

Girls Night Out

The Lord has really blessed me with 3 wonderful friends. We really have formed a special bond the past 4 months and talk constantly about how amazing it is that we have connected so quickly. We hold each other accountable as Christians, wives, moms and friends and it is very special. New Years Night - we had a girls night out. It was fun to go to dinner together, chat, and go bowling at the new bowling alley in Ignacio.

Friday, January 9, 2009


This note is sort of a spin off from a friend's not about judging but really it is more centered on a theme that the Lord has laid on my heart for two years and yet, ashamedly, I have pulled away from it the past month or so. The Lord has convicted me that when He lays something on my heart - I need to heed it and not pull away.I Thessalonians 5:11 states, " Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." The background is that the church at Thessolonica was speculating about end times and the return of Christ. It was an issue of being taken off guard. Yet Paul reminded them that as Christians they are sons of the light (5:5) he goes on to tell them to be alert and self-controlled and not "panicky" He then tells them to encourage one another and build each other up. This is thrown into the middle of a very touchy discussion for a reason - to keep them on task.

We are instructed, not suggested, but instructed to encourage and build each other up. Paul knew that the pitfall of the church would be when members began to tear each other down and hurt one another. Isn't that the way it is in our churches today? We begin to notice the little things that annoy us or things we disagree with one another about and suddenly we are no longer building one another up but we are tearing the walls of the church apart. We are so enveloped in a world that is self centered that we have allowed that to creep into the walls of the church.

My challenge to myself, and to other christians is this - ENCOURAGE AND BUILD ONE ANOTHER UP - forget about the things that aren't of eternal purpose but rather things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy (Phil 4:8). When was the last time you went to a brother or sister in Christ and said "Well done, you are really showing the light of Christ" or " I am so thankful for you as a friend." The one that is close to MY heart since the Lord has given me a heart for moms of preschoolers is "you are so faithful in bringing up your children in the way of the Lord." Friends, the world gives us plenty words of discouragement, condemnation and even advice. Only Christians have the ability to hand out words of encouragement and words that build our insecurities into self-confidence.

This isn't a post about judgement or a post about confrontation or really even accountability. It is a post to encourage you to praise one another and encourage one another in your walk with the Lord.