Monday, February 23, 2009

Youth Led Worship Service

We had another incredible youth led service yesterday~ I am so amazed at the natural talent as well as the God given gifts our youth have. The youth led the whole service yesterday morning. Our pastor didn't even preach - he allowed one of our Freshmen to preach in his place!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun day with friends

Today I had so much fun watching my friend Dani's two little girls Bella (3) and Selah (almost 2). My kids were out of school and so they had fun too!

Lunch with friends!!!

My first official day not working - four of my friends - Dani, Olivia, Bridget and Amy - took me out to lunch! It was so fun just hanging out and having "girl" time. After lunch I got to watch Dani's girls - Bella and Selah. They are truly the sweetest little girls. That is the wonderful thing about having friends with young children - I can play with their babies and then give them back! Ha ha!

Anyway - thanks girls for a wonderful first day of being at home!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Preteen Parenting Advice

So - I thought it would be fun to throw this out to my friends and see what feedback I got. Joel and I are beginning a new phase of parenting...the pre-teen/early teenage years. Hannah will be 12 in May and let me tell you - it has already been a whole new adventure for us!

So, whether you have teens, grown kids or just some thoughts from when you were a pre-teen (11-12) and early teen (13-14) about what your parents did or didn't do well, what advice would you give to parents in this stage of parenting? I am actually hoping this will serve a two-fold purpose. Obviously I want some advice for myself and Joel as we go through these years but we often talk with parents of our youth and so we would love to have some tips to pass on to them as well.

Okay - leave a comment and let's hear what you would have to say....