Sunday, May 31, 2009

What am I willing to sacrifice?

This week the subject of sacrifice has been coming repeatedly in my quiet time, Bible Studies and even at church. Many times I know that I take the term sacrifice forgranted and don't really consider what it means. Here is just one definition of sacrifice: a surrender of something of value in order to gain something more desirable or prevent some evil.

If I go by this definition, then what thing of value am I willing to give up in order to gain or prevent evil? I know this sounds sort of random and in a way it is. I am attempting to put a jumble of thoughts into one place so bare with me here. The first time this week that this came up was on Thursday morning. I will be honest, I was VERY discouraged by some situations and relationships in my life.

It wasn't that they were necessarily bad but rather complicated and not as "smooth" or "right" as I wanted them to be. I sat on the couch to begin preparing for a discipleship time I had later that morning. I was reading about the cost of discipleship. WHAT?!!! Discipleship required sacrifice? What had I gotten into? I mean of course I knew I would have to maybe give of my time and energy but SACRIFICE - I didn't know I signed up for this!!! As I kept reading the author talked about the time, energy, but then he brought up something else - the cost of relationships. The point the author was getting at was this - when we are encouraging others in their walk with the Lord, there are times that we have to point out sin or areas of weakness in others. Sometimes they will respond in love and they will thank us but there are other times that they will become bitter or angry. They may no longer want to hear what we have to say.

The second time sacrifice came up was later that day in a conversation with Joel. We were discussing my choice to stay home this summer and be with kids and be available more for hands on ministry. However - without my income things have been really tight and hard to manage. So we began to discuss was this really a choice we could live with? Was it worth the sacrifice of extra money?

Finally, sacrifice came up tonight at a concert at church. Russ Murphy came to our church - he is a Chrisitan Country Artist who has dedicated his ministry to the men, women and family of our service men and women. He talked about their sacrifice on behalf of our country. They sacrifice their lives so that we can live in freedom.

So as I contemplate this subject of sacrifice I have to say - What am I willing to sacrifice for the cause of Christ? What will I be willing to give up in order to prevent evil from prevailing? Or am willing to give up anything? So here is the conclusion that I have come to - as hard as it will be, I am willing to sacrifice my life as I know it for the cause of Christ. This will mean that there will be times that those who I call friends will turn on me at times, this means that I may not have the financial means that others have, it may mean that I will not get to do things that I have set my hopes and dreams on - yet for Christ it is worth it all!

Christ sacrificed His life for me, Soldiers have laid down their lives for the freedom I enjoy - in turn I will not let either be in vain - I will serve Christ boldly and with joy! I will honor those who have given their lives (both in death and on earth) for my freedom!

This is what I am willing to sacrifice - my life....whatever that may entail. I know that I will fail at times and waiver in my decision, however it is my prayer that I will stay strong in my conviction and I will remember that in all things at all times Christ is all I need!

What are YOU willing to sacrifice?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Family Day at Treasure Falls and Pagosa Park

This summer looks to be really busy for the Arrington family and so we are trying to get in as much family time as we can before the craziness!!! Today we took the kids to Treasure Falls on Wolf Creek Pass and then met Grandparents in the park for a picnic. It was really fun to take the kids to Treasure Falls for the first time (well we took Hannah as a baby once) since this has always been a favorite of mine.

The park in Pagosa has SO many memories for our family through the years - play dates, birthdays, mentoring times, family pictures, etc. It was neat to go back and create even more memories!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To God be the glory....

On a regular basis I feel much like the Israelites in my walk with the Lord. One minute I am following the Lord regularly and then the next I am forgetting Him and going off on my own. Yet the Lord in his grace and mercy brings me back to Himself.

On a regular basis I say in my head "God will provide" but yet in my heart I am doubting the Lord and trying to "figure" it out on my own. In those times the Lord steps in to remind me "I AM that I AM" My favorite name for God is Jehovah Jirah - My Provider.

Tonight the Lord has once again said LOUD and clear to me "I AM"!

Many of you know that our church is in the process of building a new building. God has been all over every part of this project! He has kept our church in unity through it, he has provided building teams willing to come free of charge, he has provided. As those of you who have been in a building project may know - the money is always the toughest (or so we think) part of the building process. However - God has PROVIDED!

Long story short - the church purchased 9 acres awhile back as an investment and thinking they would build there one day. However - our church decided to build on our current property and to sell the 9 acres as a resource for the funding. Now mind you - we decided this just in February in an economy that is falling! We decided to sell the property for somewhere between $250,000 to $35000. Two weeks ago, we got a verbal offer of $250.000. So our pastor scheduled a business meeting for tonight to vote on it.

YESTERDAY....we got another offer IN WRITING for $350,000 to close JUNE 15!!!! Tonight we voted to accept the offer and PRAISED the LORD for HIS PROVISION! This is NOTHING any of us had done - we only started marketing the property a few weeks ago....

Thank you Lord for reminding ME that YOU are SO much bigger than an economy! You are so much bigger than anything we can imagine! There aren't words to express my heart right now but I am so thankful that MY GOD IS STILL ON HIS THRONE!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Family Day fishing!!!

This morning the weather was beautiful! So we took advantage of it and loaded the kids up and went to LaPlattes Pond! (okay so it's only 5 min away but you know). Here are some pictures of our wonderful morning!!

Great Commission Construction

As you may or may not know the big buzz around First Baptist Church Bayfield is that the Lord has opened the door for us to build a new sanctuary and office building. This has come after much prayer and seeking the Lord about his will for this project.
This summer different building teams from around the nation will be coming to help us with our project. I am hoping to keep you updated via the blog and facebook on our progress!

The first team to arrive is from Carpenter's Hands in North Carolina. The Lamesa Association in Tx volunteered their shower trailer for the summer so the teams can shower. The teams are all finding their own lodging, transportation, meals etc - some are parking mobile homes in our parking lot! What a fun, crazy, amazing summer it will be!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pictures of our Family!

So it's been awhile.....

It's been awhile since I have blogged and that is for a couple of reasons. First of all, we have had MAJOR computer issues here in the Arrington Household. First off - our home desktop computer decided to LITERALLY smoke and part of the CPU burned, then my Dad's laptop that I use for work got some sort of that left us with our little Netbook. The netbook is great for checking e-mail and surfing the net but is limited in other use so there wasn't much we could do on it. Any how...we have fixed the big laptop and so now I can Blog!!!

The second reason that I haven't been on here to blog is simply because with the end of school, we have been BUSY BUSY~~ School got out on May 13. All the kids had a great year - it is HARD to believe that we have completed two full school years here in Bayfield! Where has the time gone? What is even greater than that is that we have been here 2 years and NO plans on leaving. Things are going GREAT here and the Lord has just blessed us beyond measure.

So - here is the latest in the Arrington family:

Hannah - Officially completed her first year of Jr. High and turned 12 this past week! Yes - I do know that in a year I will have a teenager - DON'T remind me!!!! She did great in school and was on the honor roll with a 3.87 GPA!!! She is looking forward to a summer of youth activities, relaxing and working for my mom a little. We are so proud of the young lady that she has become and are excited to see how the Lord will use her in the future!

Malachi - Has one year left in elementary school before he will join his sister in Jr. High. He had a great year academically as well although like his Dad, he struggles a little with staying on task! He is really excited to learn how to lure fish this summer and has already managed to go out a few times with Dad! Malachi is also excited for Boys camp, spending time with grandparents and playing with friends this summer. Malachi is also in shooting sports in 4-H and is learning lots about gun safety and shooting!

Kestra - Our personal little Diva!!! What more is there to say? She loves clothes, shoes, and jewelry. She made lots of progress in her reading this year and loved her teacher. She is looking forward to Girls camp, playing and cooking with her Mimi and Nanna this summer (note - not Mom) She is in Cake Decorating in 4-H and is excited about that!

Tyler- Man on a Mission! Tyler is always busy and keeps us on our toes! He loves to be outside playing, working, whatever. He is particularly fond of water and is happy to be in it any chance he gets. He had a good year in school and has made progress! He knows all the letters, counts to 50 without help (most times) and is beginning to read some sight words. His goal this summer is to spend time with Grandad on the farm, go camping with Papaw and go to the park!

Joel - Continues to enjoy his work with the church. He is taking the summer off from school because of the youth schedule and the fact that our church is building a brand new sanctuary this summer!!! Yeah!!! The youth will be going to camp and Joel and our pastor may be in charge of boys camp this year. In addition to helping in whatever way is needed with the building project and youth activities, he will spend a lot of time this summer planning for the school year and youth programs.

Ronnie - Home Maker Extrodinare!!! After attempting to work part time at a Pizza Parlor, we decided that really wasn't the job or the schedule I wanted for the summer. So I am working for my Dad one or two days a week, managing our home and schedules, and also helping in various ways at the church. This fall I plan to sub in the schools some but am open to whatever the Lord has in store for us.

So that for the most part catches you up on the Arrington Life. I hope to be better about keeping my blog up this summer. In addition to regular updates, I am also hoping to post what's on my mind and some posts for discussion....