Friday, July 17, 2009

Camps and Blessings - overflowing!!!!

Thank the Lord for that week of relaxing because man July 6 we hit the ground running again by leaving for Youth Camp!!! July 6-10 was our associational youth camp at Hesperus Baptist Camp. The theme was Hollywood Lights - exposing the world's lies with God's truth. It was a fun week. We took 4 youth and had a wonderful week!!!!

Then - July 13 I left for Hesperus AGAIN this time for Girls' Camp! I took 7 girls and we were there July 13-16!!! The girls were Amazing and I was so blessed by them. They were absolutely wonderful and had no problems at all!!! I am serious!!!!

I returned yesterday in time to unload the girls and load up the boys for boys camp! Joel took 5 boys to camp and will come home on Sunday!!!

Talk about a whirlwind of activity~~~ I have posted some pictures on Facebook. When Joel gets back he is going to help me figure out how to possibly have a slide show here as well.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A week of relaxing

This week has been fabulous for me in that I have been able to "catch my breath" in the midst of a chaotic and busy summer. Although there were Bible Clubs this week - I was not as involved in them and so spent most of the week at home getting things caught up!!! What a refreshing feeling - it reminded me that even our Saviour had to take time to get away for refreshment and renewal - that is EXACTLY how I feel after this week refreshed and renewed. This is a good thing since I will be going full steam ahead again beginning tomorrow for the 4th of July!!!
Some highlights of this week:
One salvation at the Bible Club!!!
Carnival with Nana and Pawpaw!!!
Bar D with our church family and NC workers!!!
Lunch in Durango with my cousin Marcy and her girls!!!

Carnival in Pagosa was so much fun with Nana and Pawpaw!!! Thanks for a wonderful night.

Amber, Olivia and I at the Bar D

Backyard Bible Club Week 2

Playing with Marcy's daughter Abbie at Burger King!