Friday, November 20, 2009

Where did November go?

Oh my goodness! It has been AGES since I have posted and I am not sure where the time has gone!

November has been a good month for us. We have been busy with school, work, church and kids activities. Hannah finished volleyball, had a week off and jumped into basketball! She is learning that basketball is a little "rougher" than volleyball but is doing well at it none-the-less!

Malachi is a typical 5th grade boy - more concerned with playing than with turning in homework but is doing better with a little "motivation" from Mom and Dad.

Kestra will be 10 on Sunday! Did I just type that right? Yep! She is our bundle of joy and keeps us smiling almost all the time. She is all girl and insists on changing clothes at least 5 times!!!!

Tyler is as active as ever! He is loving school and growing up way too fast. There is always a Tyler story to share. The most recent was just a moment ago when I looked out the window to find him "hitch hiking" in my drive way!!! Oh - have to watch that boy!

Joel is still very busy with the church and loves his job! We had a Country Western Jamboree last Friday and Joel did a GREAT job organizing it! Pictures later!

I have been busy between being a mom/wife, working for my Dad's Appraisal business and subbing in the school. I really enjoy both jobs! I finished a Bible Study here in our church on Nov 5th only to turn and start another one on November 12 with some young moms both from my parent's church and my church. I have found that I really have a passion to come along side moms of preschoolers and encourage them and share my experiences with them. I am not sure what this will lead to in the future but I know that the Lord is DEFINITELY opening up the door for this ministry right now!

This next week we are looking forward to my sister Michelle and her family being here for Thanksgiving. It will be so much fun to have all the cousins together and to just spend time as a family.

For Christmas we will be going to Kerrville TX to vacation with Joel's family as we celebrate his parents 50th anniversary (it was in August but Christmas is when we could all go). It will again be another wonderful week with family.

I know this is kind of "scattered" and definitely need to get back into blogging more regularly! I really need to figure out how to post some pictures creatively as well!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!