Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Appreciating single moms, moms whose spouses travel, and military moms...

Just have to say - God is SO good at giving me occassional reasons to taste the life of single moms or moms whose spouses are gone often...It's a LOT of work to be the only parent!

Joel doesn't really travel all to often...but when he does, I am so very thankful for him and all he does for us! This week Joel and the other Pastors from our church are at the Evangelism Conference in Dallas. Even though the kids are older - it's still a lot of work to be the only parent. The one to get them up and going in the morning, get breakfast, get them to school, get them from school, help with homework, get them in the shower, get them to bed, etc!

To all my friends out there who are single moms or the parent on duty the majority of the time - I SO appreciate and admire you! This week I have been praying for YOU -for strength, perseverance, patience, and rest. You are loved, you are treasured and you are precious!

To my wonderful hubby - I love and appreciate you! Thank you for all you do to help our family run smoothly! Can't wait til you get home Thursday!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Letter from Hannah and Malachi

Dear Prayer Warriors:
We are both so excited to share with you an incredible opportunity that we have through our church. During our Spring Break, March 10-17, we will be traveling with a team from our church to Laredo, TX and working with local churches in that area in sharing the Gospel, repairing homes, and serving in many other areas.

Located right on the Texas/Mexico Border Laredo is more like Mexico than it is the US. The people there are impoverished in many ways and many have not heard of the hope that Jesus can bring. Our team will be meeting them where they are at and showing them in a hands-on way the love of Jesus Christ.

Each of us has prayed specifically about our call to go on this trip and we both feel that God is calling us to take this step of faith and reach out to others. Hannah – I have a love for the Spanish/Mexican culture. After taking Spanish for the past 5 years, I am so anxious to use my knowledge of the Spanish language and speak to them about Jesus and His love. Malachi – this is my second mission trip and I am excited to tell others about Jesus as well as serve alongside my team.

We know that prayer is very important to any mission trip. As a team, we have been asked to ask at least 15 people each to pray for us both before and during the trip –combined we are seeking at least 30 Prayer Warriors for this trip. By committing to being a Prayer Warrior – we ask that you will pray daily for us and our team from now until we return on March 17.

Although prayer is our number one request, we would also like to invite you to help financially with the cost of the trip. The total cost of the trip is $450 per person or $900 for the two of us. Attached to this letter, you will find a form indicating the three ways, according to the IRS that one may contribute to the trip if you are able and feel led to do so. Contributions are appreciated but are not the primary purpose of this letter.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration in joining us either as a Prayer Warrior or by contributing financially as we prepare to reach the people of Laredo for Jesus Christ. If you decide to join our team, please let us know so that we can keep you updated about all prayer needs both now and during our trip. You can e-mail us through Mom’s e-mail or write us at 103 Davenport St Borger TX 79007.

In Him,

Hannah and Malachi Arrington

For Blog friends: We couldn't figure out how to attach the contribution statement but if you are interested, e-mail mom and she will get it to you!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A not so great parenting moment...

Shooting it straight...there is no brilliant lesson or truth in this post. It's simply a post to share that minister's family or not, we have our struggles our issues, our down times.

Tonight - one of those moments. Our oldest has always been vastly different than me. She beats to a different drum and she has a strong will all her very own and I LOVE THAT about her...it's just that sometimes our beats clash (okay, well since I have no rythm to begin with....) For instance, as a 3 yr old she had an EXACT opinion about what she should wear - match or not. I on the other had, was of the opinion that she should match! Ha ha!

Anyway, one area that we are VERY different is that of cleanliness and organization. I cannot function in disorder, I really can't. Now, it doesn't have to be detailed and OCD but it has to be straightened, picked, up and generally clean. Hannah on the other hand...she could careless, the messier the better.

Tonight it was once again the room...she likes it cluttered and "lived in". I like it tidy and straightened. Enter the problem...I ask her to clean it, she picks up a few things but not much, and yep....I lose my patience.

Not the poster parent moment for sure...I did appologize, I did help with the room, I attempted to meet half way on expectations but just not one of those moments I am proud of.

So the point...still working on this parenting thing but thankfully I have a BIG GOD who is able. He holds, He encourages, He loves, and He forgives....

Now...what "mess" can I live with! Ha ha! Oh - parenting tips on getting a teen to keep a semi-decent room are MORE than welcome! LOL

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Royal Child, A Mama, and An Advocate...

A Royal Child, A Mama and An Advocate...at some point in my crazy whirl wind of a life I am one of these or all of these and if I am honest, there are times when one or more of these tends to try and conflict with the others and they don't work in harmony with one another.

I do believe that it IS possible for them to work together and to compliment one another IF I can keep them in the right order...yet, other times like yesterday and today I think I sort of get them out of sink!

Our son, Tyler, has been struggling with some bullying issues at school. He has reacted appropriately at times and other times not so much...most of the time he is the receiver of the bullying. So, as I was faced with how to deal with it all I have to be honest...I started venting to friends. I know, I know - Go to God first but I didn't.

As I talked with a few different friends and I shared my frusteration with the school and how it was being dealt with my friends were so good to quickly jump on the band wagon with me...I mean to tell you, they were up in arms and ready to fight! Yet, as I was talking with one of them and explaining that I really felt like I needed to tread carefully with the school due to not only the fact that I substitute for the district but also Joel and I ministering to families and children and want a good relationship with the schools something hit me pretty hard! My friend said "yes, but first you are an advocate for Tyler..." Of course Mama Bear ROARED "HECK YA!" at this.

The more I thought about it though it hit me - NO, FIRST I am A ROYAL CHILD. I represent the KING OF KINGS and it is HIS Name I proclaim. Therefore, EVERY reaction should be one that brings honor and glory to HIM. Not because of a job or ministry but simply because I am HIS!

Now, am I still a Mama? Yes! Am I still the best advocate along with my husband for Tyler? Absolutely! Yet, if I am doing my FIRST DUTY well...that of a Royal Child - then the other two will fall into place! I can be an excellent Mama because of who I am in Christ. I can be an amazing advocate because of whose I am!

Has this miraculously solved Tyler's bullying issue? No, not yet but I know that it will all work out for the best of Tyler if I as his Mama am representing the King in an appropriate way. Now though - I am going to have lay this burden at the feet of the King and let HIM be the ultimate advocate for my Tyler Bay!

Whose are You? Are you representing HIM well?