Monday, March 19, 2012

Changes, Adjustments, and Update...

There really SO much whirling around in my mind right now, it's kind of hard to know where to start or which direction to take...thus the name of this post.

On the home front - Hannah and Malachi had a GREAT mission trip. They did wonderful the whole time and yes Mom made it too! Ha ha! Here are a few highlights - as is usually the case with teens, we have gotten bits and pieces as they are just randomly talking, so I am sure we will have more later. However as a team, they knocked on over 2,000 doors sharing the Gospel multiple times with over 40 coming to know Christ throughout the week. Hannah was able to lead 2 to the Lord - her first time to do this! Malachi says that his favorite part was just getting to know the people there, those from other churches and even those from our church better...he's Mr Talkative so I am sure it wasn't a problem! Ha ha.

School - Hannah is still homeschooling although we are looking at options for the Fall with either an official "on-line" school or a neighboring school district. Tyler is also struggling in some areas at school and we are very concerned about what direction to take for him this next year. Right now, the most probable choice will be to transfer him to Stinett which is about 10 miles away. I will be honest and say that as a Mom - this has been the biggest and hardest challenge of our move to Borger - the school system. Thankfully Kestra and Malachi are doing very well and so we don't have to worry too much about them - leaving just Hannah and Tyler to decide which direction to take. However, we know that God called us here, He knew the school was the way it is and He has a plan - we are trusting God to lead us in the right path!

Joel - has transferred from Liberty University to Wayland Baptist University and continues to take classes on-line. He is very excited about the thought of graduating from the school where he started. At this point, we are looking at a May 2013 graduation but aren't positive about that yet.
Another big change for Joel has been the resignation of his "boss" here at First Borger. Dennis and Toni Garcia left today to move to Moriarty NM and take a position as Pastor there. This is a good thing for their family and really for our church here as well - however, it is hard for us as Dennis was primarily responsible for getting Joel on staff here. With Dennis gone, Joel will now assume the education, small group duties on an interim basis. Although not a significant increase in duties, it is more on an already full plate. Please be in prayer for Joel as he tries to manage time between ministries, school, and home.

Ronnie - As has been the case for me since moving to Borger, I am having to continue to be flexible as to where God would have me. At the end of December, our youth pastor's wife who is a pre-K teacher talked to me about the possibility of subbing for her aide who would be out on maternity leave. The original time frame was to be 6to 8 weeks - then due to pregnancy complications it was going to be 10 weeks. However, now she has had further health complications and will most likely not be back for the rest of the school year. I am not 100% sure but it is looking like I will be subbing for the remainder of the year - another 10 weeks. Although I am thankful for the income, at this point I feel that I need to stay for consistency for the kids and as a support for the teacher - it is also a stretch for me. When I chose to sub and not take a full time position as an aide at the beginning of school it was because I wanted to only work 3 or 4 days a week and to be open to help Joel with ministry as well as pursue the possibility of a job within the realm of my degree. Subbing full time has limited time with ministry, left a lot of Hannah's homeschooling up to Joel and has stretched me in many ways. My choice would be that if I am working 40 hours a week it would be something in the business field and would be helping contribute significantly to our finances - however, this is not the direction God has led I am learning to be flexible! On a positive note - I do love the kids and have really gotten to know all 44 of them! YES - 22 in the morning and 22 in the afternoon.

As overwhelming as all this is, God is constant. He is faithful. He is true. He is God. I am currently doing a study on the names of God and although I just started - Yaweh has stuck out to me - I AM - In the midst of my chaos He says, "I AM". In the midst of my frustration He says "I AM". In the middle of my confusion He whispers, "I AM".

I am not sure what lies ahead - lately things have literally been changing day by day but I know THE ONE who holds my hand and I can trust Him!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some fun differences....

So, the past few weeks we have been noting some funny and yet interesting differences between people from Texas and those from Colorado...thought I would post a few for giggles! Seriously - no getting offended or anything cause we love those in Texas and Colorado!!!

Texas: You NEVER go to the store in your PJs or work out clothes
Colorado: Pajama bottoms are more the norm when dropping kids off at school, grocery shopping, etc...or work out clothes!

Texas: Rarely does a woman leave the house without make-up...
Colorado: If a lady has make-up on you ask "What's the special occassion?"

Texas: Nice Jeans/Slacks are worn by men on Sundays
Colorado: Jeans are the norm; except in hunting season where Camo or Blaze orange rules!

(This one has had us giggling ALL DAY)
Texas: If one's water is turned off for more than 2 hours; they will receive MULTIPLE offers to come over for showers!
Colorado: If one's water is turned off people just figure it's no different than camping or hunting season - no bigs!

(Thanks to my friend Tina Hendrickson for this one)
Texas: If a child has to use the potty at the park and restrooms are closed - mom drives frantically to a restroom.
Colorado: If a child has to poop/pee at the park and said restrooms are locked - they use a tree and it's all good; Call of the Wild baby!!!

Texas: Beef - It's what's for dinner!
Colorado: ELK - it's all we know!

Texas: When going skiing, bundle up from head to toe, wear ski clothes while driving to ski area, and then after a few runs - sit in the lodge and enjoy the scenery!
Colorado: When going skiing, throw on a t-shirt and shorts grab your gear and ski from open to close with only a few breaks!

Texas: You're Republican and have no problems cracking Democratic jokes!
Colorado: In order to avoid conflict - DON'T discuss politics!

Texas: Shorts and flip flops are worn from March to October and only in warm weather.
Colorado: Shorts and flip flops are acceptable attire year round...emphasis on the FLIP FLOPS!

Hope you enjoyed! Again, no other purpose than to give you a laugh! Hee heee!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Children...His Missionaries

So very proud of my two oldest...they left on their mission trip to Laredo, Texas this morning. Laredo is right on the US/Mexico border and resembles more of Mexico than the US. The kids both prayed individually about whether or not they should go on the trip. Joel and I made sure they knew that we were totally okay with whatever they it turned out, they both felt that God was calling them to go!

It was with mixed emotions that I watched them load the church bus this morning to see, for the first time my kids were going on a church sponsored trip that neither Joel or I were going on. It never crossed my mind how hard it would was TOUGH! I have never considered myself the "over-protective" parent type - I mean we did send Hannah all the way to Washington DC last May without us! This was different though - we have ALWAYS been with them for church camps or missions trips.

However, the time had come for Joel and I to step back. Neither one of us felt that God was really calling us to go this time around. I don't worry at all about their safety - they are in GREAT hands and have the best leadership ever. I know they will work hard and do exactly what they are sent to do. It's the mom side of me that is struggling...will they remember sunscreen, will they lose things, are they drinking enough water, etc. Yet - in my heart of hearts I know it will all be GREAT!

As I thought about this, I was reminded of how that no matter where they, or I, go we have a Father with us - we are never venturing out alone! God is there, He is walking with us. If I can't trust my Father with my children - then I have learned nothing about trust. With that in mind - I am able to rest. In the grand scheme of things - lack of sunscreen and losing things really doesn't matter...they will be stretched and molded into exactly what God has for them and I am confident they will show the love of Jesus everywhere they go!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Overwhelmed with blessings....

The past month or so we have literally been overwhelmed with so many major blessings! It is so hard to wrap my mind around it all. This morning in church, I was overcome with the greatness of all my Lord has blessed me with...I deserve nothing and yet, in His infinite mercy and grace God has blessed our family beyond measure!

In the midst of life - it's easy to complain, it's easy to focus on the have nots, the what ifs, etc. but we forget to take time and look at what is going GOOD, what we do have, what God has DONE for us!!! Of course, there is salvation and YES we need to be thankful and humbled for that but we also need to take the time and be thankful for the everyday blessings that our Savior has bestowed upon us!

Here are just a few that we have seen:
* A growing ministry
* Families growing closer to each other and in their faith
* Salvation of one of the youth at our church
* 100% financial provison for our two oldest going on a mission trip in a week!
* Blessing of the money to take our family on a true vacation for the first time in MANY years!
* Extra money through subbing to pay for all our kids camps this summer
* The ability to homeschool Hannah when she really needed an alternate form of education.
* A car that has run with no mechanical problems for a year!
* Joel being able to transfer to Wayland Baptist University for the last year of his education!
* A wonderful church family!
* The blessing of so many friends around the world!

Today - I am filled with "An Attitude of Gratitude"
Thank you Lord for blessing me above and beyond what I ever expected!!!