Friday, October 12, 2012

Politics? That's second string to me!

I am by NO means into politics...seriously I am not. In fact, there is only a VERY rare occasion in which you will even find news on my TV - I do on occasion watch the weather segment although even that has declined since having the Weather App on my phone.

I don't claim to know all the "ins and outs" of all the big issues that are on the ballots. As for a National budget? I have a hard enough time managing our personal budget at home much less trying to understand or make sense of the National one. Foreign Policy - it's all "foreign" to me! (pardon the pun). Don't ask me about the details of the Health Care plan - haven't a clue (although I know there is a lot I am not in favor of).

All that aside there is one BIG issue that I care passionately about. It is one of the things that drives my husband and I to do what we do. It is why I personally, and we as a couple have made many sacrifices. It is the core issue that ultimately affects ALL other issues in our Nation today - the downfall or loss of the FAMILY!

This is what matters to me and as I raise my children in a society that every day degrades and devalues the role of family - I am more passionate than EVER that if we would go back to the basics, go back to the core values that our founding fathers fought for, then we would see a true turn around in our Nation.

I can hear some of you now, yes even see your face, this is what you are thinking "hello, we aren't in the colonial period any more - this is a new time - things are different." Okay - I will had it to you, yes SOME things are different but the CORE, the reason this country was founded hasn't change. Look at ANY country in the world - they will all tell you their heritage. The people know where they have come from, what made them the country they are. The United States should be no different - we need to remember what we came out of and why. The founding fathers, who mind you were NOT all Christians, believed in the value of family. They believed that the success of a Nation depended on the success of the family - it was true then and it is true now.

The family is where it HAS to lie and the family is the one entity that is being attacked on EVERY front. The right to determine your child's education is being challenged in the majority of states, the right of how and when to discipline your children is at risk, of course the right to raise your child of the faith of your choosing is under attack. Beyond parenting issues - which are HUGE to say the least - there are the issues of defining family. Studies have shown over and over and over that children who are in a strong family unit - meaning one father, one mother (both the biological parents) of children are more apt to succeed in life as adults. This DOES NOT mean that children in mixed/blended families cannot succeed - it means that they have to work harder. This attack on family isn't new - in fact, it's not a "recent" issue. It is an issue that developed overtime as we allowed our priorities to shift from family to government, from family to self, from family to work, etc.

As much as I am not a political person - I am not into "statistics" or listing facts you can search for yourself - rather I want to share with you real life examples, true stories of how as an adult working with children and teens over the past 17 years has seen the Family Role fall at an alarming rate:

1. Numerous students raised in either a single family home or blended home have shared with us their loss of identity. "I am not sure who I am or where I belong."

2. On several occasions "I really wish my parents cared about what I am facing - they are more concerned about their jobs and the world than me."

3. From parents "I can't remember the last time we sat around our table or had a night at home - we are always pulled in too many directions." or "We sold our dining room table - because we never use it anyway." (dead serious)

4. Also from parents when asked what their children are faced with at school "Hmmm..I don't think anything really. We haven't talked about it much." (I will tell you they are faced with a lot!)

5.On the issue of modesty from parents "Well, their just kids - it really isn't a big deal what they wear."

6. On athletics vs family time "Well, if  they are to succeed in life; athletics is key"

7. When asked about family traditions during holidays "Well, we really don't have's just time for my parents to sleep and me to play video games."

8. When asked what he wanted to do when he graduated from HS without hesitation "Be a porn star - their cool."

You get the idea...families are falling apart and we are now facing a crisis of epidemic proportions! While we are sitting back being "too busy" for our families - the government is slowly and methodically stripping away parental rights and we are none the wiser. There are lawsuits currently in the US Courts where parents are being accused of child abuse simply for taking their children to church, they are being denied the right to know their children's medical conditions or have a say in their medical treatment, they are being denied the right to say whether or not their child attends sex education, and many more vital rights are being challenged EVERY DAY!

So - back to the original topic of politics. No - I am not into politics but I am into FAMILY. When I look at the two current nominees for President, I don't see foreign policy, I don't see health care, I don't see the budget (although those are ALL important issues). I look at the family. I look at the fact that for decades America has believed that parents are the professionals when it comes to their child in every area and I look at how now a tide is turning. A tide that began with "It takes a village to raise a child" and is now at an alarming rate overtaking America. I look at how a candidate values the life of a helpless baby that has no voice. I look at how a candidate defines marriage. I look at the lack of morals our youth have. These are the issues that concern me and the issues that sway my vote.

America - WAKE UP! Our deepest heritage and history was centered around the family. Parents took the responsibility for their child's education, their health, their discipline, their upbringing to responsible adults. The government came ALONGSIDE and SUPPORTED parents - they didn't take their place. Value for one another and God were the essence of society - not degrading and devaluing one another. If parents don't pay attention and realize that there are hidden agendas - they will wake up one day and wonder why they have no rights in parenting. Currently there is a bill that if signed will literally say that the government will have complete say in the raising of your child - for more information go to

In addition to being informed - we have GOT to gain control of our own individual families. We have got to spend time around the dinner table. We need to say "no" to things that infringe on regular family time together. Our children have got to know that THEY are our greatest priority. We have to protect them from pornography, bullying, cyber bullying, overcommitment, etc. We have to take 100% responsibility for their education - whether through homeschooling, being involved in local school districts, or private education. We have to be the number one champion in their corner. We need to be the ones teaching them the importance of freedom and the cost that was paid. I am speaking to MY generation. It's NOT the responsibility of Senior adults to fight and vote for this. It's NOT the responsibility of grandparents to raise our children and to teach them about family - it is OURS!

Joel and I are so passionate about this issue that we have literally devoted our lives to educating and coming alongside parents as they seek to raise responsible children. For a true gauge on where your family falls in recognizing the importance of family ask yourself and/or your kids these questions:

1.) When was the last meal that you all sat around the table together and actually TALKED - not hurried through?

2.) What are your children doing with their "down time" at home?

3.) When was the last time your family did something together - just you guys (ie. board games, walk, hike, etc)

4.) If married, when was the last date you and your spouse went on?

5.) If married, what do your children see when you interact with one another? or do they just see you rushing to the next thing?

6.) When was the last time you went to church as a family?

7.) What issue is/are your child/children facing at school? What are they learning currently at school?

8.) Do you and/or your children spend more time looking at an electronic device than one another?

Your answers will probably give you an idea on the status of your family. If there is something you aren't happy with - what changes need to take place? Need help in re-organizing or re-prioritizing? That's what we do!