Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Where oh where have the Arrington's been?

Looking at my blog and realizing it has been MONTHS since I posted...what has happened? I did attempt to type a post after our Mission trip in March, however, it didn't get finished. I may get back to that and then I may scrap it...it's been an interesting, long, busy, crazy, fanatical, few months for the Arringtons.

So...here is the scoop in a nutshell and then maybe some insight at the end, or maybe another post.

March - Kestra, Malachi and I went to Laredo Tx with our church for a mission trip. I know people almost always say "this trip was different..." but YES this one was different. First of all, I had NO leadership responsibilities whatsoever! I was a participant...different but NICE for a change. The biggest thing that God did for me on that trip was remind me of the importance of PRAYER. I really did a lot of personal prayer, intercessory prayer, prayer with other believers and did I mention I prayed? Yes - that was the essence of the trip for me. Were lives changed? I am sure they were - I know mine was! My role was to pray...

A week after going to Laredo, thanks to my fabulous husband, I was able to go on a MOMS getaway with one of my closest and dearest friends in the world! We escaped to LAS VEGAS BABY!!! It was first for me....I loved the time away, the show we went and saw, the buildings, the decor. It was enlightening to see how much stock people put in casinos and to see "Sin City" in real life...definitely a lot of lost and hurting people out there. More than being disgusted...I was saddened. Saddened by the fact that these people are literally "looking for love in all the wrong places" they are trying to fill a void that only Jesus can fill!
However - for me the BEST part and the MOST refreshing part was just having time with someone who "gets" me. Someone I could be totally open and honest with that I could share my joys, my hurts, my sorrows, my triumphs...For THAT I am so thankful because as is the case with many women but especially minister's wives - let's face it, there just aren't that many that you can be completely open and honest with about life.

When I returned from my vacation - we hit the ground running! Kids jumped into sports, state testing, concerts, etc. Also between the two trips - the missions pastor at our church resigned to move on to what God has for him next. A very good thing and we support him 100% but it did add a tad to Joel's plate at church. We know that in ALL things God is working for our good...even in the busy crazy out of this world times!!!

Here we are near the end of April...the schedule ahead looks busy, insane, uncertain but again God is working! My constant reminder has been that I can REST in Him. I can hold His hand and know that He is Sovereign. He is also reminding me that daily I need to take time to spend at His feet...it HAS to happen!!!