Monday, May 20, 2013

A new beginning, A new journey, A new season

In my previous post I shared that Joel had resigned his position here at First Baptist many different things led us to this point but I want to share the story of what led us to where we are going - First Baptist Church Levelland Tx!

Joel was the last of 6 Pastoral Staff to be hired here in Borger. Throughout the past two years - 5 of those 6 have resigned and moved on to other place of ministry (the first actually had resigned before we came, his last Sunday was our first Sunday) for their own reasons. As we began to see these events unfold, Joel and I fervently began to pray about what God would have us do and whether or not we should stay, go, or what. We both began sensing that He would lead us on. The primary reason behind this is that Joel's calling and passion is for Children and Families. He longs to come alongside a Sr Pastor in a secondary position and reach families - I like to refer to it as he makes a GREAT Wing Man but not so much the Lead Plane! Anyway - we came to the realization that if we were to stay this calling and passion for families would need to be placed on the back burner while he helped the church through a very critical time of transition. This was simply not something he or I felt that he was even capable of much less equipped to do.

A few days after we came to that realization and decision, a friend of ours from college called Joel. He said, "I am pretty sure I know the answer to this, but for the last week your name has come to mind so I just need to call...our church is in need of a Children's and Families Pastor would you be open to sending your resume?" Don't you just LOVE how God opens a door when you are truly seeking Him? Joel had only actually sent out two other resumes, we had told very few people that we were even considering looking, we had prepared ourselves to be here through the summer and God flings open a door!

We went through the application and interview process, we prayed, talked with our kids, prayed some more, talked with others in ministry and parents, more prayer, etc and this past weekend we went in view of a call to First Baptist Church Levelland Tx. The vote was positive and so we are beginning the transition to a new place of ministry!

There are by far many mixed emotions! I know my previous post alluded to the hard times but rest assured there have been MANY ups!!! We have made some incredibly amazing friendships, Joel has been mentored by one of the most Godly men we know, we have seen families grow stronger and parents learn to disciple. Our kids have met friends, played sports, and grown so much!!! We will truly miss many people here. Our hearts are most definitely broken over the place that the church here is in but yet we are excited to see what God does with First Borger!!!

As we look ahead to Levelland - EXCITEMENT and ENERGY are an understatement! Joel will have the opportunity to truly build a children's and families ministry with a firm foundation of kids, parents and volunteers already in place. There are many new and exciting opportunities for our kids in the way of schools, sports, a strong youth group, etc. I will be looking to returning to the work force full-time although not sure what that will look like for sure and of course I will be helping Joel with ministry mostly through pre-schoolers and their moms! We can hardly wait to get there and join an amazing staff that is already in place!

Our timeline is this: June 2 is Joel's last Sunday here in Borger, we will leave on vacation to Colorado June 4 and then we will go to Levelland June 12or 13 with his first Sunday being June 16.  There is much to be done in that time...packing, finding a home in Levelland, finishing up here in Borger, ending school, etc but we know that it will all get done and so we press forward!

Look for more posts in the near future as we progress! Can't wait to tell you more about our new journey!!!

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