Friday, July 5, 2013

Reading through Proverbs....from a different perspective.

I decided July 1 to read through the book of Proverbs this month...I am sure you have heard of or maybe even done this yourself. You know - 31 chapters, one per day for a month.

Anyway, it has been awhile since I have done this and so I thought July the perfect month to do it! I was thinking - love the advice Solomon gives and it will be a great refresher.

God has a way of taking what we think to be something routine and making it totally different...thus the case with Proverbs. I have always approached this book from the perspective of the recipient. You know, as in a letter from one of my parents to me - not this go around!

This time, I began to think of it from Solomon's perspective...words to MY kids! Then I began to see the challenges that it presented to me from that angle!!! YIKES!!!

5 days in and already I am sitting here going - oh my! Am I living my life in a way that shows Godly wisdom and understanding? Am I instilling a life of integrity to my kids? Am I teaching them discretion? Do I show them by MY actions the importance of surrounding yourself with Godly counsel? Do I keep MY way pure and clean so that I reflect a pure and holy life to them? This is only in the first 5 chapters....I have a feeling it will be a month of some sore toes as mine get stepped on again and again. Yet, I am so very thankful for this reminder and different perspective!

What books of the Bible have you read and looked at from the Author's view rather than the recipient's? I would love to know and get some thoughts for August!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Settled...or at least getting there!!!

Looking back on my last post...I am amazed again at how much has gone on in the month since I last posted!

* Kids finished school and although it was a tad stressful and we wondered if all classes would be passed we made it! All four finished off well - they learned a lot about themselves, self-discipline, and yes academics!

* We packed up our house in Borger, Tx and made the trek to Levelland - unloaded into storage, and went back to Borger for our last Sunday!

* We said fairwell to so many dear lifelong friends in Borger - that we really hope to see again at some point!

* We took a MUCH needed week long vacation in Colorado and even took an extra night on the road to just enjoy ourselves and see some of the less stopped at things.

*We came back to our new home in Levelland and moved all our belongings from storage to the trailer we are renting.

* We unpacked, set up house, and have slowly made it our home!

* We have joined a new church family and are enjoying getting to know them more and more!

*Joel has started his new job - feet first!

* Kids have begun attending their new youth group/Sunday School classes!

* Kids are on their first youth mission trip with their new Youth Pastor.

*Tyler has gone back to Colorado for a week with Grandparents - lucky kid!

Whew!!! That has pretty much summed up our time in the past month! In the mix, we have had not had home internet until this past weekend which has in a sense left us a tad out of the loop in the sense of blogs, etc but we are back up and running! I am looking forward to getting back to blogging regularly and so much to share with you all!