Monday, August 5, 2013

Weight Loss and Working....

What do weight loss and working have in common (other than working out to lose weight)? The answer...they have been the two big points for the last month in my life!!!

Weight Loss - At the end of June, I finally had time after all the craziness in our life of moving and vacation to take a realistic look at where I was physically. The picture I saw was not pleasant to say the least! I knew that it was time to get serious about my eating habits and exercise (or lack there of). So...I went back to what I knew worked - My Fitness Pal. If you haven't tried it look it up at, it is easy and works!

Anyhoo...along with my AMAZING hubby, for the past month I have been exercising and eating healthier on a regular basis. We have walked, played raquetball, and learned the sport of Disc Golf! All three are so much fun AND the weight is coming off!!! So far I have lost 11lbs...I still have a LONG way to go, but it is working and I feel better than I have in months!! I can't tell you enough how much it has meant to have my husband not only encourage me in this area but actively join me in it. Along with getting healthier it has been some awesome time together as a couple and occasionally Tyler has even joined in!!!

Working - When we moved to Levelland, Joel and I made the decision that in order to truly get where we wanted to be in the area of finances, I would need to work full-time. This has always been a difficult call for us because it takes me away not only from time at home but also some areas of ministry; however, we also want to honor God in the area of finances which includes paying off debt. So, mutually we made the decision that this was the direction to go.

Yet, getting a job is a lot harder in not only a hurting economy but also a small community. In addition, I needed a job that would provide some flexibility for Tyler's meetings at school and some ministry needs - not an easy task. As the applications went out and I did interview after interview - I began to not only question this decision but also got discouraged. I wanted the job I thought was best....however, God's ways are higher and He is more sovereign.

God has blessed me and has answered the prayer for a job! I was offered a job in the Credit Administration Department of a local bank. It has been evident from the beginning that God had his hand in this. I almost didn't apply due to the fact that I didn't have any bank experience, wasn't really sure what the job was but I felt the prompting to send a resume and see what happened. So, in God's perfect time I have finished my first week and although I am still learning the ropes, I think that I will really enjoy it.

In a nutshell, that is what has been the focus of July in regards to me. The kids have been enjoying the last weeks of summer. The older three got to go to Rock the Desert in Odessa this past weekend. It is a weekend of concerts by major Christian Artists - they had a blast! We are very thankful for the generosity of others who pain their way...such a blessing!

As for August, the focus of course will be school. We will be enrolling the kids on Thursday. Please join us in prayer as we go through the adjustment process of a new school district and  especially getting all the services in place for Tyler. All the kids are anxious to see their schools and find their schedules! Look for more on that in the near future!!!