Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hey Mom! Yes YOU...What YOU do REALLY does matter!!!

Good COLD March morning! As I sit here all bundled up in my hoodie and working to stay warm on a day when the high is 36 degrees - my heart is full for all my Mom friends.

I spend about 75% of my time with preschoolers and their moms. The remainder of my time I am with my own 4 teenagers, their friends, their friend's parents, etc. As I have watched moms of children of all ages from birth to teen, as I have listened to the things they aren't really saying, as I have read the posts they are sharing, the ideas they are pinning to Pintrest - I am hit with the truth - so many times us Moms feel as though we aren't making a difference, we are just spinning our wheels trying to keep up, we are going through the motions and often have little to show for it...To some it up - we are wondering "Do I matter? Is what I am doing really important?"

The simple answer - YES!!! The more complex answer - YES!!! The little things you do everyday as a mom are really making a difference, they are impacting lives, they are changing the world, and they are making a difference in the Kingdom of God. I know, I know you are thinking "Seriously? Like how is changing the 5th dirty diaper today REALLY changing the world?" Here is how - you are showing an unconditional, sacrificial love for another. You are showing that even in the dirtiest of jobs - you can share love and care. For the mom who is dealing with a pre-teen child who is constantly arguing, complaining, cocking an attitude and you have grounded them for the 5th time THIS WEEK...You are showing that respect is earned, that consideration and kindness are essential in life, that one day a bad attitude could be the loss of a job.

You see - we have been taught a lie for many many years as Moms; actually several lies but one essential one that I was reminded of this week - we have been told we are raising children. NO!!! We aren't raising children - we are raising ADULTS! Yes, you heard me. Our ultimate end goal is not to have a well mannered child; when my daughter moves to college this coming August I am not dropping off a child. I am dropping off an adult. Friends - this is a game changer! All the sudden instead of thinking in terms of a well-rounded child; I need to think in terms of a God fearing, productive, responsible, trustworthy, educated, compassionate, loving, caring adult. Do you see the difference?

If you're like me, that just really overwhelmed you and maybe was even a bit sobering to you. Good! Because I want you to realize that this path of motherhood, this journey of raising adults, this season of life - it's important, it matters and YOU matter! What's really amazing about this journey though and what really is my saving grace - We aren't alone! God didn't leave us to walk this path all on our own. First and foremost - He is there, His Word is our guide. Second - He has given us friends to walk alongside us, to encourage, to be honest with us, to hold us up when we are weak, to join us. I am so very thankful for that aren't you?

Just this morning a friend posted an article to Facebook about being lonely as a mom - and yes, there are times that it just is lonely but it really doesn't have to be. You see, the thing about us women, us moms, is that we tend to believe that we are to have it all together - that we can't admit that our day is rough. We get on social media and we see these cute pictures and posts and we believe that if we are vulnerable and honest then we will be considered a failure or let down. The reality is this - those moms posting those pictures and posts, they have bad days too! Yep - secret is out! You see - Facebook would look A LOT different if we decided to just be honest and real. Yet - we don't and the result is that at the risk of being vulnerable and transparent - we hide, we isolate and we become lonely. Can I just encourage you? Be open, be honest, be transparent - you will be surprised at what a relief it is to you and to other moms around you!

Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6

We are "training" our children - this means there will be successes but their will be setbacks. There will be good days and there will be bad days. It's a process - but the end result? That MATTERS and they need us in their corner from day one and for the remainder of their lives! 

So, here's to you MOM - YOU MATTER!