Monday, November 30, 2015

Some "Me" Time

This morning, I am taking some much needed "me" time. Time to really pray and reflect and set some goals in pretty much every area of my life for the upcoming year - although, I don't plan on waiting until January to begin the work!

In 17 days I will be 41 - yep as Tyler put it a few weeks ago "OVER 40"! As I look back on my life there are many moments that I am proud of and happy to have accomplished. There are also moments that I am not so proud of, mistakes made, and tasks left undone. I think if we are all truly honest - that's the case for most of us. Recently, I read a quote that went like this "Don't focus on the past, it's behind you. Don't focus on the future, it's not here yet. Just be in the Present." Although I agree with the premise of the idea that our FOCUS doesn't necessarily need to be in the past or future - I disagree that we don't need to look there at all. We have to learn from the past - both our successes and our failures. We have to look to the future and seek where God is leading us. Yet, yes we do need to be in the present. So..that's what this morning has been about - reviewing the past, praying towards the future and just setting some goals!

For some time now, I have felt that 2016 is going to be BIG. I believe that it is going to be big for not only my family and I but I believe that God has BIG plans for America. Yep...I said it! God has a plan for our country. Of course it is an election year and that is always a big year in America but that isn't what I am referring to. I am referring to spiritually! I believe that 2016 is the year where we as believers are going to be called upon to stand firm, stand strong and LOVE BIG! Just a thought - but I regress, this post isn't about that as much as it is sharing what God has laid out for me PERSONALLY so that you all can be praying for and encouraging me in that!

So, I have basically lined out 6 areas (so far) that I believe God is calling me to work on in the next year. Of course, I am married and so a few of these goals are joint with Joel ( hope he agrees to them - LOL) but most are just personal. I then, set goals within those areas...Here they are:

Spiritual Goals:
1.) To have a consistent and in-depth quiet time. Yes, this is a REAL struggle for me. I am good with reading a Daily Devotional and prayer time...but I want an IN-DEPTH like searching the Scripture to get to know my Lord kind of quiet time. I am not a morning person by nature but I am convicted that I need to be getting up and digging in God's Word each and every morning!

2.) Read 4 books in the upcoming year that will challenge and spur me on in my faith! I am open for some suggestions here. I love to read but must confess - I am a fiction kind of girl! I need some thought provoking get off your hiney kind of books! LOL

3.) Mentor/Disciple 3 people. In the past, I have LOVED mentoring women and teen girls one on one! It has been life giving and has challenged my faith walk like CRAZY! However, recently this hasn't been the case. I have gotten lost in my self and too focused on me that I have lost sight of the call that we have to "Go and make disciples"

Physical Goals:
1.) Consistent exercise 4 times per week. Tuesdays and Thursdays with my preschoolers is great BUT it isn't real intentional exercise and that is definitely what I need.

2.) Consistent use of Plexus products that I KNOW work but yeah, you gotta actually USE them to have them work!

3.) Limit soft drinks to 3 per week. I am a realist - I believe that we should all have some freedom to indulge! LOL

4.) Lose 30 lbs - I am convinced if the prior 3 happen, this will be a no brainer!

Financial Goals:
This area will be more defined as I have opportunity to really sit with Joel BUT I know he will agree with these basics

1.) Set aside our "Emergency Fund" according to Financial Peace.

2.) Pay off at least 30% of our debt

3.) Purchase a second vehicle

Thirty-One Business:
1.) Enroll 3 new consultants under me. I want other women to experience the joy and freedom that comes from Thirty-One not just financially but just the sisterhood of women who encourage, reward and celebrate one another.

2.) Promote to Director - so that I can reach even more women and encourage them!

3.) Consistently sell an average of $1000 per month

Plexus Business:
This one will also be more defined after sitting with Joel since it is our joint business but I think he would agree with these starting points

1.) Enroll at least 3 new ambassadors under us so that we can help them reach financial and physical goals.

2.) Earn an extra $300 to $500 per month.

Personal/Career Goals:

1.) Begin taking Child Development Courses to become eligible to be a Child Care Administrator of a licensed child care facility. I have no idea on the timing, but God has really given me a passion and desire to pursue this. I am about 27 college hours from it but believe that this will be accomplished within the next year.

2.) Be more organized in my home. Currently it isn't near as organized as I need it to be!

So, there you have it! My GOAL list for 2016. I believe that goals are great - they give us direction, purpose and vision. So, share with me - what are YOUR goals? How can I pray for, encourage and help you reach them?