Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas Happy New Year Post~

It is hard to believe that Christmas is just 2 days away! Even harder still...another year has almost past.

We do not do Christmas Cards, I always WANT to do a cute little Christmas Card with our family picture on it and a fun trendy just never seems to come to fruition and honestly, I am learning that I am ok with that. However - I thought that perhaps I would make an end of the year blog post to let you glimpse into our family through my eyes...

2015 has been a year of many changes for our family and yet many things haven't changed. The biggest part of 2015 centered around our sweet Hannah graduating from High School! Seriously - how did that happen? I blinked and she was out the door to college. She has now finished her first semester at Dallas Baptist University. It was an adjustment for us and for her - she had her ups and her downs but through it all she has come out loving the Lord and knowing Him better - that is the best measure of success!

Joel and I also celebrated our 20th Anniversary this year. I cannot even fathom how blessed I feel to walk this life alongside him. We had grand plans of a fun getaway trip for just the two of us but it didn't happen - and although it was disappointing we know that it was all part of God's plan and we are looking forward to going to a week long retreat in April for minister's and their wives which is something that we have always wanted to do.

Another new and different change for us this year was walking alongside our own parents through various medical conditions and surgeries. In March, Joel's Dad had surgery for colon cancer and although there were some setbacks and unexpected situations - we are SUPER thankful that he is cancer FREE!!! He also had another surgery here in Lubbock this summer on his caryatid artery - thankfully he is doing much better and hopefully on the uphill swing! My mom also had surgery this summer for a hole in her intestine. Again, some unexpected setbacks and challenges but she too is recovering and we are so thankful for that. There is not a moment that we take forgranted how blessed we are to have parents with minimal health issues and although we know that may not always be the case - we know that God is there through it all. We are very thankful that Joel was able to go to Colorado for a week to be with his mom during his dad's recovery and I was able to go and be with my Dad during my mom's surgery and both of us were able to be here for his Dad's surgery in Lubbock.

Our younger three kids have AMAZED us through this year of challenges and change! They have literally taken it all in stride and have been very understanding. Malachi is half way through his Junior year of High School. He has started a new job and is overall doing well. He also joined choir this year for the first time and loves it - the music gene has continued! He is beginning to pray and seek the Lord about where he is headed after high school and we are anxious to see how God will work through him in the days ahead.

Kestra is a sophomore. She is still loves softball and choir. We are super excited that she made the JV team for softball and are looking forward to many softball road trips in the spring! She is also trying UIL solo this year in choir and has already had her big sister Hannah helping her with her music. She also has her first boyfriend and we are very pleased with how both she and he have gone about it all. He is a wonderful young man who is very respectful of her and us! She looked into getting a job but has found that she is making great money babysitting and loves it - so she has a pretty good clientele going for her.

Tyler is still homeschooling. He has made so much progress in reading and we are thankful for the flexibility in his schedule. He has found that he enjoys cooking in the kitchen and of course still loves being outside and animals!

A first and a highlight for me this year was being able to go on a Girls' trip with my Sister-In-Law Jana to Washington DC in October! She earned a trip through Plexus and invited me to join her - it was a fun and memorable time and I am so blessed to have had the time with her!

Ministry wise we are still serving at First Baptist Levelland and it has been a good year. We have enjoyed seeing children come to know the Lord, be baptized and parents committing to train them up in the Lord. I am loving my job as Director of the Parent's Day Out program and work with some outstanding ladies and families. For the first time ever, we have a waiting list and are 100% full - this has been a fun time!!!

We have also been working our home based businesses - Plexus and Thirty-One. We are so very thankful for companies that keep their focus on the Lord and His provision as well as being committed to building relationships and helping people not only financially but physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I am looking to promote to Director with Thirty-One in the coming year and Joel is working to promote in Plexus as well. God has been faithful to provide through these avenues.

As we look ahead to 2016 we know that God has so much more in store for our family and although we may not know exactly what that looks like or entails we are excited to be a part of His plans. Our prayer is that you will seek to join God in His work wherever you may be! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!