Sunday, September 11, 2016

We say "We will never forget" and yet....15 years later, WE FORGOT

This morning as I woke up, I heard my son say from the other room to his Dad:

"I think today is the day Dad."
Dad: "What day is that?"
Son: "I think today is 9/11"

As I finished preparing for church, thoughts of 9/11 came to my mind...I DO remember that day, I remember where I was, I remember watching my 4 innocent children play and laugh and wondering what their lives would hold in this now changed America....

Here we are, 15 years removed from that monumental day. A day that is to my generation that Pearl Harbor was to my Grandparents generation. A day in which the war on terrorism was no longer in a far away land but right here on our own soil. Each year I see signs and images that say "Never Forget" or "We will never forget" and yet...I am convinced that we FORGOT.

No, we didn't forget what happened - we forgot how our Nation reacted. On 9/11/2001 there wasn't a single person in America that was disrespecting or criticizing our law enforcement, we weren't a nation with political parties divided and agendas more important than people, we weren't tossing God to the wind and saying everyone believe what you want....

On 9/11/2001 and in the subsequent weeks and months - our nation was UNITED, we respected and loved on one another, we thanked those in any uniform, every kid I knew wanted to grow up and be a policeman or firefighter - bonus if it was NYPD or NYFD. More noticeable than this was the way in which the body of Christ reacted...we were extending love to those in need, being bold in the sharing of the Gospel, knowing that truly the ONLY hope for America was God! Our churches were full and people were seeking...and we as Christians were there with open arms and the Gospel message.

What do I see on 9/11/2016:

* A nation more divided than ever.
* Americans criticizing and bashing one another rather than uniting.
*Our law enforcement is under fire and scrutiny
* Our churches are actually DECLINING and closing doors rather than growing and reaching out
* Political agendas are now the news of the day - no talk of people as the priority
* Christians are more out spoken about politics and patriotism than they are about the Gospel message being shared and lives being changed for eternity.
*Believers walk around in discouragement and hopelessness forgetting that our ONLY hope is in Christ - not a politician, not government, not laws.

So....if you want to say "Never Forget" than I want to boldly challenge you to truly stand behind those words and don't just remember the event - remember the way in which we reacted! We were determined to stand united as a Nation. Christian - we were BOLD with the message of Christ and not a political agenda - we worshiped the Lord over patriotism. We reached out in love and care to one another. We thanked and honored our law enforcement. There was not one race against another - we were ALL Americans reeling with the reality that war was on our soil.

Non-believers saw the hope that we as believers had in the wake of tragedy and we were ready with an answer for the hope that is within us...what do they see in us today when we are faced with a broken nation, a nation divided, uncertain times. Are we living as those with eternal hope that others want?

Christian - this is to you....Pray, Seek His face, Repent and THEN He will forgive and heal.

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